It was designed by BuSer and the incinerator was mounted on the top of the ecosteam. Thus, the combustion air entered hot, maximum combustion efficiency was achieved and ease of assembly was provided.


Apart from the combustion chamber and flue gas, two more walls are formed. Combustion air is heated by passing through the first wall, thus providing significant heat / fuel savings. The second wall is designed as a reflector surface made of aluminum sheet, the heating of the outer surface is prevented by reflecting the energy on it. In addition, with the second wall, the heating of the outer wall is prevented.

Annual energy savings in enterprises, providing 10% efficiency difference for each 1000 kg / h steam consumption, is between 12.000-18.000 Euros.


Ecosteam steam generator gives steam in 3 minutes. Since there is little water in the pipes, the energy generated as a result of the combustion immediately passes into the water. This results in significant fuel savings. Since the heat exchange surfaces are small, heat loss is very low during operation or while operation is ready. It adapts to load changes in a very short time.

The amount of energy wasted in enterprises, depending on the 10% and 100% water volumes for each 1000 kg / h steam consumption, is 12,000 Euros per year.


Failure is immediately seen with the help of illuminated indicators.



The burning of the burner was stopped by evaluating various data (7 pieces). Despite these, if the pressure exceeds the value, the safety valve opens and steam evacuation is performed.

Ecosteam interior design image